About Africa and African : An important message to all african

First, I ask for your indulgence, due to the fact that my english is not fluent.

About African commun problem

All, we often wonder about african people existence. Somme of us see problems everywhere, in everything.

For example :

  • Africains, in particular some rulers are very often considered as the common problem
  • Africans’s productions such as civil wars, to take or keep the power are seen as the problem
  • Passed facts as salevery, colonization continue to be named as the actual problem
  • Other people and their production are designed as the problem

However, I am more close to those who llok first for the problem, than to those who talk or discuss about solutions to a none identified problem.

To identify the true commun problem, let’s take a minute. Not to repeat what we learned about it, but to think and discuss. The kind of thinking and discussing that provides a sensation of freedom.

So, Let’s go thinking by ourselves. Below the step where I am

  1. Finding : Today, african people meet a big difficulty to live.
  2. Hypothesis : We have a commun problem
  3. Looking for the commun problem

To look for something, we must know it before and at minimum have an idea about it. If not, it’s impossible to realize that it was found, to validate and confirm that it is what we found. Knowing it or having a idea about it, is a minimal condition to agree together what is found.

This is why we may be sure that we have the same definition of a problem, our commun problem. The definition I give to it, lead my to that position :

Neither africans, nor their productions, mostly inapropriate or toxic, Neither the Others, nor their productions, Neither Passed facts can be designed as the commun problem.

  • African are subjects in front of their common problem, they are also actors to solve it. Here is why, they are part of solution to solve it, but not the problem itself
  • Certainly, passed facts had influence on the context of the problem : attituds of subjets and actors, their social and. But to, the african are not since independance in slavery or colonization situation. Their situation is what result from theirs free decision, choices, and acts. An then, the pass is not their problem today
  • Who could refute the fact that the other people free decision, choices, are impacts on african situation. But, is it possible for african to live in an environnement, where they could bee alone without anything if them ofcourse ? As this life condition cannot exist, The free productions of the others are just facts, as africans’ existence is a fact, as their free decision, choices, and acts are also facts. The only attitude in front of a fact is to act in such a direction that impove our rapport with the facts, by productings fact that limit their impacts or neutralize them. In conclusion : The existence of the others is a fact and not our common problem ; such as they free productions

I invit every african (who understand french) into the debate engaged at :

« L’Afrique en debat »         https://sortirlafriquedunoir.wordpress.com/

Let debate  !

Come free, and as Nina Simone defined it : « To be free, it is be no more afraid », to tell, to share, to ask, to discuss, to debate….

Whatever your decision, Listen to this message

Let me share with you a message of passed African.

O long time ago, they lived in communities. Rules where forged to organize collective life. They lived as they did and we have not to say, in our today eyes and in their place, if they conditions were suitable or not. The best we can do is to note their conditions, to analyse all that they transmitted to us. They are somethings clear, masked or hidden things to discover. Because, in their conditions, to mask ou to hide things was vital or « lifely » capital, this practice is everywere in the culture.

In Ouest Africa live today Akan people. Some of them call an old person : « Pking gbin ». Literally, that means a « person who reach to nothing », naturally at the end of its life, iven if he is old.

What that means ? What is the message ?

Some africans discovered that the conditions of organization of collective life could be improved. They also realized all the effort they did to respect scrupulously everything, as that was required, without being able to protest, to challenge, to engage debates, to show thats reflects, to show their intelligence, to tell what they saw, to discover and tell what was hidsen ou masked, etc… Finly, they realized that the main result was that all that reached to nothing !

But in pass context, they could not tell it, to hope improvement for themselves. An then, their masked message. It is not so masked that we could not see it ; If we do a little effort to see reality. The message for all the next africans, those who will come after them was simply : Do not do all as we did, because at the end of our live, we reach finly to nothing. Nothing which correspond enough to our hope to live. So, our name after and since this note is : « Pking gbin », « The person or the persons who reachs or reach to nothing ». It is the sammary of their existence. And then, the old person, the wise person is also a sufferer, but no the person who knows everything.

Just try to be free, then you hear the essential message left to each african for producting his live.


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